an article of faith for / with

Tyrion Lann

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Hi folks.

I have a doubt here whether i can use "for" in place of "with ".

. It was an article of faith with / for Mona that everything she used should be recycled.

  • Barque

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    "For" can be used instead of "with" after "article of faith" but in the sentence you've quoted, perhaps because of the next clause starting with "that", "with" sounds better.

    I have a doubt here
    I think you mean "I have a question here". Using "doubt" in this way suggests that you doubt that "for" can be used instead of "with" which means you don't think it can.


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    I have a doubt here whether i can use "for" in place of "with ".
    'With' is the traditional preposition in this expression and is distinctly better than 'for'.

    I believe it is a good practice in general to avoid the temptation of trying to replace other prepositions with 'for'.
    Using the appropriate preposition in each case has several benefits: it makes your English more precise and clear; it helps you to learn the meanings of the different propositions; and it avoids the risk of 'for' losing its true meanings by being made to do the work of other prepositions.
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