an articulate, clear, well-defined sound


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I was taking a series of close-tests that I came across the following question. It seems that it has been derived from Henri Bergson quote.

See it:

Laughter appears to stand in need of an echo, Listen to it carefully: it is not a/an ------, clear, well-defined sound;

1) grandiloquent 2) succinct 3) eloquent 4) articulate

My choice was #3 but according to the answer sheet and original quote, #4 is the correct answer. I think both are synonyms and correct. What do you think regarding the test and my answer?

It should be noted that the test has been made by some Iranian examiners.

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    "Articulation" is (among other things) the process of forming speech sounds, so "articulate" would be the best answer here. Laughter isn't well-defined in terms of its articulation.

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    Eloquent and articulate are synonyms when you are talking of speech: if someone is eloquent or articulate s/he speaks well. I would find it odd to define a sound (laughter, in this case) as being eloquent. Articulate on the other hand is feasible. See entry no. 3 from Collins Reverso:

    1 able to express oneself fluently and coherently
    an articulate lecturer
    2 having the power of speech
    3 distinct, clear, or definite; well-constructed
    an articulate voice, an articulate document
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