an aspiring politician yourself

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an aspiring politician yourself: What doese this phrase mean with the following contexts :

They are important because whether you are a working voter, a student voter, a retired voter or an aspiring politician yourself, you really need to have access to basic information that affects you and your community

Does it mean "an aspiring politician that meets your desire / who you have had in mind / an politician that aspires you"?

Thank you.
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    So, it means the reader or the voter himself can be a politician of his own desire, isn't him?

    Please correct my understanding because I am not clear about it.


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    That's right.
    The author seems to be addressing a person that may be:
    -a working voter;
    -a retired voter;
    -a student voter; or
    -an aspiring politician.

    And in any case, the reader needs to have access to this information.


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    An "aspiring politician" is someone who wants to be a politician. This person aspires to (wants, hopes for) a political office.

    "Aspiring" does not describe his effect on other people.
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