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If someone takes a photo of a celebrity in an embarrassing situation, what do you call this kind of pics? Awkward pics?

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    So, do paparazzi photos always show celebrities in embarrassing situations?

    What if I take a photo of my neighbour without his wig and dentures. Would you call that photo a paparazzi photo?


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    What kind of embarrassment do you have in mind? It makes a difference.

    If the photograph shows them doing something that will harm their reputation, we might call it a "compromising photograph/ photo".

    In my experience, "pic" is not widely used, though you may see it in writing that is intended to seem casual and conversational.
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    So, the photo of my neighbour would be called a compromising photo. Excellent, because my monolingual dictionary defines compromising as likely to damage your good reputation.

    Thanks a lot.


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    A compromising photo would be one of your neighbor getting tossed out of a nightclub for being too drunk, or leaving a hotel room with another man's wife.

    I can't think of an exact term for what you're looking for, but I don't see why an "awkward photo" wouldn't work for what you describe. "Unflattering picture" or "unfortunate photo" would also work.
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