An economical viable solution


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A colleague has asked me to proof read a text in English and I'm having some trouble with the following expression:

"This strategy resulted in an economical viable solution for a commercial product."

At first glance, I wanted to change "economical" to "economic" but discussions on another thread suggested that these terms are not interchangeable and that "economical" in this context would be more appropriate since we want to express an economic savings.

Then, I thought that "viable" should be before "economical" to say "A viable economical solution...", but I'm not sure. I also wanted to maybe say "A viably economical solution" but that would mean that "viably" only applies to "economical" when the solution is also "viable".

The text goes on to say "to develop robust and economical viable processes". I think it should say "economically viable"?

I hope this is clear. Sorry so wordy. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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