an effective mean / an effective means of

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  1. VSAC Senior Member

    Girona, Spain
    native French

    para traducir "es un metodo muy eficaz para prevenir la artrosis",

    dudo entre:

    - it is a very effective mean of preventing osteoarthritis
    - it is a very effective means of preventing osteoarthritis

    Veo que se utilizan las dos posibilidades. ¿Qué diferencia hay entre las dos?

  2. Sallyb36

    Sallyb36 Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    British UK
    It has to be means, or method.
  3. VSAC Senior Member

    Girona, Spain
    native French
    Ok, thank you.
    Just a precision: is "an effective mean" grammatically incorrect?

    Thank you in advance
  4. Cinnabyte Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    Spain, Spanish + English
    Si, medio es means. No es correcto sin 's'.
  5. valdo Senior Member

    Riga, Latvia
    Latvia, Latvian
    Puede que - "an effective way of preventing/to prevent...."


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