"An elephant has a long trunk.""Elephants have long trunks."

Discussion in 'English Only' started by 8769, May 11, 2009.

  1. 8769 Senior Member

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    As a general statement, which is more natural, #1 or #2?

    1. An elephant has a long trunk.
    2. Elephants have long trunks.

    First, I thought of #1, but I'm not sure.
  2. Franzi Senior Member

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    I'd say 2 is more common, but it would depend on the context. If a professor is lecturing about this topic, s/he might even say "The elephant has a long trunk" ("the elephant" meaning elephants in general, not a specific elephant).
  3. Alxmrphi Senior Member

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    As you're talking generally it's a lot better to use the plural. :) (2.)

    [Edit] : I agree Franzi, not sure if you know who David Attenborough is, but it sounds very typical of one of his nature documentaries!

    But I still think 2. is by far, more natural.

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