An emotional switch went off

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Hi. What's the meaning of the sentence in bold?
In her first sermon, delivered over Zoom, Fersko recited some lines from the Torah about God seeing Adam in the Garden of Eden and concluding, “It is not good for man to be alone.”
An emotional switch went off, and I knew I needed to be aggressive,” Fersko said. She conceived of a neighborhood amble, the Shabbat Walk, with stops on stoops and in lobbies, to get to know her flock.
Does it mean some change happened in terms of emotions of congregants, who became less passionate than before perhaps, because the sermon was delivered online?

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    If Fersko was giving the sermon, she was the priest, preacher, cantor - whatever, and when she read the lines from the Torah, she was suddenly filled with the idea that she needed to do something to get to know her flock better. The emotional switch went off (or "on") inside her.
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