an entire load of dishes

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Does "an entire load of dishes" mean "all the dishes in the house"?

Sam Harris tweeted 1 h ago:
It appears there are more dishes to wash. I must admit, I didn't see that coming.

Marc Ambinder
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How can a small household go through an entire load of dishes in a single day? I ask that all the time.
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    No, it means a complete load of dishes -- the number of dishes one usually washes at one time.

    Often 'entire' is used this way to suggest that something is overly large. Because he is talking about a 'load' of dishes, I assume Marc is using a dishwasher. Because his household is small, he is surprised that they use up enough dishes to fill the dishwasher in one day. He may have expected that they would fill the dishwasher halfway in one day.

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