an etwas basteln

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I've some doubts with this verb.

I must translate this sentence: "Es ist so, wie wenn jemand an seiner Karriere bastelt, und irgendwann ist der Gipfel erreicht".

What's the meaning of "basteln" in this case". I thought it was a kind of metaphore (somewhat like "building a career"), but now I've found that "an etwas basteln" means "to manipulate in order to improve".

Which one is the correct option?

Thanks a lot!
  • Frank78

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    "Basteln" is similar to "bauen". It´s less professional work than "bauen".

    "In der Schule bastelten wir immer Papierflugzeuge"

    In this case, he is building a career, but probably in an unusual manner.
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