an etwas kommen

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I've come across this phrase in a few different settings and I don't think I understand it fully. Here's the first:
4. Was gibt es für Drogen?
5. Wie kommt man an Drogen?

And another,
Thema: e-Commerce - Wie kommt man an sein Geld?

And another,
Wie kommt man an eine Green Card für die USA?
Wie kommt man an die günstigen Flüge bei Ryan Air?

I have 'to come by' something but that just doesn't fit right in some of the examples, like 'How do you come by your money?' makes no sense.
Is it short for 'an etwas herankommen'? I know the rules so I'll make an attempt at translating each:
1. How does one get a hold of drugs?
2. no idea (the e-commerce one)
3. How does one get a US green card?
4. How can you get the best value flights at Ryan Air?

Does someone have something more fitting? All my translations sound awkward. Danke im Voraus.
  • Derselbe

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    to get, to obtain seem to be good translations. In sentence 4 to find might be a good solution. Also, replacing how by where could work for some cases (e.g. where can you get drugs?)

    An Geld kommen is probably best translated with to come to money.
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    Tifoso Bonisolli

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    In many examples, "to secure" would be a fine translation - in the Ryan air case, in the e-commerce case, perhaps even in the Green Card case. Not so much for the drugs, I guess...


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    'An etwas(Akkusativ) kommen' = 'zu etwas kommen' which is similar (in some contexts the same) to 'an etwas(Akkusativ) herankommen' = to get to something, to get hold of something, to reach something,... (depends on context).
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