an examples book vs a examples book

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    Please give us the complete sentence in which you plan to use the phrase, and explain a little more what a "book of examples" is.

    (It won't be "a examples book" in any case.)


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    "A" and "an" rules are pretty straightforward in English... If the sound following is a vowel sound, it's "an" - otherwise it's "a". It's nothing to do with the noun necessarily.

    An entertaining book
    A wonderful eclipse

    A eulogy
    An honour


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    I was sent a User's Guide and a Examples Book) (a book containing examples)
    My confusion is due to the use of a plural in this sentence.


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    A book containing examples is a book, one book. You can put the noun 'example' in front of it, in the singular: an example book. 'An' is chosen because the next word begins with a vowel (sound). 'An examples book' is not as good as 'an example book' (we usually use singular nouns in this position), but it would still use 'an', for the same reason.
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