an expression to describe politicians' cunning use of language

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Hi all,

I remember there is an expression to describe politicians' cunning use of language, e.g. saying things that seem to suggest one meaning but actually can mean something else; saying ambiguous things. But I cannot remember what it is. Maybe "political speak"?

Can anyone help me? Thanks. :)
  • Uncle Jack

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    I wonder if you are thinking of "doublespeak", a word (as far as I know) invented by George Orwell for his novel 1984, and one of several terms from this book to have entered ordinary English. This isn't a neutral word, by any means, and it has a very negative meaning. You would not use it to praise someone's oratory skills.


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    There's being economical with the truth, a jokey term for lying.
    There's also snake oil, mainly American, but I heard it used here (in the UK) just the other day to describe a certain politician: a snake oil salesman. (I wonder if British readers can guess who it was?:rolleyes:)
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