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One of those patients, Cory Kaus, said that before he discovered the medical benefits of marijuana he could barely get an hour's sleep a night because of pain and nerve damage from a knee injury.
(Hamilton rally supports medical marijuana dispensaries - The Hamilton Spectator)

I find myself sacrificing a lot of sleep. Especially because we have to get up for football practice at 5:30 A.M., there are some nights when I only get an hour of sleep. It’s tough.
(Portrait of an Artist: Zak T. Aossey '14 - The Harvard Crimson)

“So doing that and then coming home and then on the weekends going up there, you’re like zombified,” he said. “It’s like you knock yourself out for an hour, hurry up and get an hour sleep and then you’re right back at it. There had been times during all of this whole process I ran off four hours of sleep.”
(Big Deal: Local newborn may make history at hospital - Seymour Tribune)

I think that "get an hour's sleep" and "get an hour of sleep" are correct, but I don't think that "get an hour sleep" is. What do you think?
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    Chiming in as an American that I agree with the British posters. I've never heard "an hour sleep." But the other two are quite correct (in the American sense of "quite" ;) ).
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