An idiom that means “to make a cost-benefit analysis”


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Hi my friends,

I am looking for an English idiom that means “to make a cost-benefit analysis” to use it in a very informal setting. My close friend has been offered an excellent job far away from his home. He has been thinking too much about the pros and cons of it and may miss the chance if he does not reply soon. I want to use the idiom in my advice for him.

Could anyone help suggest some?

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    I'd use something simple like "Don't think about it too much." It's also pretty common to use "over" in a compound: Don't over-analyze the decision. Go ahead and apply for the job.


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    Owlman, I think Tphuong wants a less formal phrase than "cost-benefit analysis" that means the same thing.

    Tphuong, you've already used one such phrase: the pros and cons. We also sometimes speak of the "upside" (pros) and "downside" (cons). ("On the upside, there's the great salary. On the downside, there's the move to _____—but you'll have enough money for frequent trips back to ________.") Sometimes spelled as two words: up side, down side.
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