an illusion veil

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Hi, can someone tell me what the expression “an illusion veil” means in the following text?

Yesterday evening my wife showed up with a few yards of netting, and together we knelt and covered the fireplace with an illusion veil. It looks
like a bride. (one of our m any theories is that mosquitoes come down chimneys.)

It's from an anticle named "At Turtle Bay" from E.B.White.

Thanks a lot!
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    Thank you, Myridon. I have a clear picture of what an illusion veil looks like.

    And one more quetion. The word "netting" in the expression "a few yards of netting" is equal to "an illusion veil", right? So I'm wondering why White bought an illusion veil (which is used by brides ) to keep off the mosquittoes, not an ordinary netting.


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    His wife brought some netting (we have no idea what kind from what you have quoted). He metaphorically refers to it as a veil.
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