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In the context of next Saturday's rugby test match, a journalist said :
"The All Blacks have an Indian sign over the Irish team."

Here's my attempt to say it in French - "Les "All-Black" ont une commande psychologique sur l'équipe Irlandais." :~

It occured to me that a suitable expression may exist in French, un sort magique ou peut être une malédiction,

Etymology : The English expression comes the ability of North Americian Indains to tame wild horses. Part of their performance includes using a woven blanket, with images/signs depicting native mythology.
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    I'm wondering if it's the same as saying "Les All Black sont la bête noire de l'équipe irlandaise"...

    It basically means they're their bogey team, but I suspect this isn't quite the same image.


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    Hello cropje_jnr,
    Not sure, if it's what I'm looking for.
    We've lost 70 games againt the English, so they used to be our "bête noire" ; now I would say it's the French team who have become that, with 52 defeats.
    The thing is we've only played 22 times againt the New Zealanders. The fact we've never won is what gives them this psychological edge.
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