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Anya Smitty

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The lunch was a success in every way. There was just enough orchestral effort to immerse the conversation without drowning it, and Youghal was an attentive and inspired host.

What does "inspired" mean here?

Source: The Unbearable Bassington by Saki
  • e2efour

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    Welcome to the English forum, Anya!

    The forum dictionary definition (no. 1) is not much help here, But if you look up inspired and look at the tab called English synonyms, you see some alternative words.
    The word I would choose out of these is motivated.
    But really it doesn't mean a lot more than attentive, in my view.

    I would say it meant resourceful. In other words, the people to whom he played host were very satisfied.

    I would also say that what makes it difficult to understand is whether it means from the point of view of the host or of the guests.
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