An introduction is in order


Hello everyone.

Would someone explain the meaning of a phrase, "An introduction is in order" for me?
I guess it means something like "By the order of things, let me introduce myself here". Did I guess it right?

Thank you in advance,
  • stock1992

    I saw this phrase on some kind of online game. One of other players used this before he made a self-introduction.
    I wonder if the phrase comes from a film or tv show or comic or stuff, although I don't have any reference.
    Sorry if my question is not worth your trouble.

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    "An introduction is in order" is a formulaic way of saying 'it's high time that I introduced myself to you'. 'In order' here means 'appropriate', 'apt', 'suitable', 'in keeping with protocol' ... that sort of thing.
    I've no idea if it's strongly associated with a film (or anything similar). Be that as it may, the phrase is quite standard.
    Good question, I'd say. I don't think it's been asked before, so thanks!
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