an objection actually brought against it by Chief Justice

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Yet it was founded upon strict principles of lineal descent, for the 3rd Duke of York was descended from Lionel, Duke of Clarence, the second surviving son of Edward III, whereas the house of Lancaster came of John of Gaunt, a younger brother of Lionel. One thing that might possibly have been considered an element of weakness in Richard’s claim was that it was derived through females—an objection actually brought against it by Chief Justice John Fortescue (probably a reflection of the increasingly common practice among the English nobility of passing on their estates to a male heir).

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Hi, can I interpret the underlined part as Chief Justice John F was against such an objection please?

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    No. CJJF was not against the objection, he brought it (i.e. he's the one who objected). The objection was against Richard's claim. The reason for, or substance of, the objection was that the claim was derived through females.
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