an old grad sitting on a hot water bottle at the fifty-yard line

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the phrase is taken from F.Buechner's book "Telling the Truth", referring to the one-talent man in the parable of the talents told by Jesus.

The sentence is as follows: "...the better-be-safe-than-be-sorry"one who gets it in the neck for taking the faith or life or courage or whatever it is he's been given and tucked it under his tail and sitting on it like an old grad on a hot water bottle at the fifty-yard line on a chilly October Saturday."

I wonder what does "old grad" and "fifty-yard line" mean in this case?
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    Old grad = old graduate of a college - and presumably in this case an enthusiastic supporter of the college football team.
    Fifty-yard line = the halfway line in American Football.
    (Not an AE speaker - you need AE comment :))
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