An old man-o´-war´s-man

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¿Qué significa la palabra "man-o´-war´s-man" en el texto siguiente?:Leaving my sister at Branksome, and summoning Seth Jamieson, an old man-o'-war's-man and one of the stoutest of the fishermen, I set off across the moor with him through the gathering darkness.
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    A "man-o'-war" is a battleship (with sails—velas—I don't think the term applies to steamships). "An old man-o'-war's-man" is an old sailor who served in the armada.


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    A Man of War was a type of battleship so it literally means a man who had served on a battleship.
    But here I suspect it is being used figuratively just to mean a hardened, experienced sailor.
    Un marinero veterano.

    Sorry Cyberpedant: Just seen your post.
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