an opening hutch

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The vacation cabins were laid out haphazardly, like a handful of dice thrown down. Reacher figured the location furthest from the water would be the least desirable, and sure enough found it was being used as some kind of a resident manager’s accommodations, with a front room done up as an office, with one of its window panes converted to an opening hutch, which had a shelf behind it with a little brass bell and a ballpoint pen on a chain.
Source: No Middle Name by Kee Child
Contex: Self-explanatory

I buffled with the use of the expressing 'opening hutch'. Is it a typo for an opening hatch (similar to a loft hatch but in vertical orientation)?

I looked the various meanings and images of hutch and could not find the collocation.

I glossed up 'a front room done up as an office' means ' ditto converted to an office.

Thank you.
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