an opening <salvo> in <a battle for the soul of America>

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If "salvo" mean "a verbal attack" here, then "a battle" refers to "the battle that the people who champion an empathetic America fight (against Mr. Trump's philosophy and for the real/traditional soul of America)"?

Thanks in advance
Mr. Trump's philosophy is an opening salvo in a battle for the soul of America that is only beginning. This will be a battle fought trench by trench. But I think it is winnable and America will reconfirm a governing philosophy that is hopeful, compassionate, and wise about the role of government in making our world a safer, fairer, and more just place to live.

-Dan Rather

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    I think it means that Trump's begun his war on America with his proposed budget, he wants to conquer/capture it's soul and remake it what he wants it to be (not hopeful, compassionate, etc.). And those who believe otherwise will have to fight back and it will be slow and difficult.
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