an otter in disgrace

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louis lou

At the beginning of the cartoon Corpse Bride directed by Tim Burton, Mr Eveglot sings, "who would guess in a millions years that our daughter with a face of an otter in disgrace would provide our ticket to a rightful place."

Why does he describe his daughter as "an otter in disgrace", and what does otter stand for or imply in English culture, please?

Thank you very much!
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    I've seen the movie twice but I tend not to listen to lyrics, so thanks for this: it's wonderful. My guess is that he's playing on the phrase "utter disgrace" -- You are an utter disgrace to this family, young lady!

    But I look forward to other theories and facts.


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    I will disappoint in having neither another theory nor a fact.

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the title was the wordplay Copyright suggests. I mention this only to say that a competent songwriter could reasonably expect an English-speaking audience to understand such a pun, if that is what it is.
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