An unsuspicious Jack was sitting on a sofa...


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I wonder if in the passage below the indefinite article in the phrase "as an unsuspicious Jack" is appropriate.

Jack woke up early that day.He had breakfast,....,took a cigarette & sat on his sofa.
As an unsuspicious Jack was sitting on a sofa smoking his cigarette,there was a knock on the door,...

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    Thanks,sound shift.

    Well,I suspected that, it was in a book,but I can`t seem to figure it out, given Jack is a proper noun.
    Could it be "the unsuspicious Jack" or just "unsuspicious Jack" ?
    Can`t find a piece of grammar on that,unfortunately...

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    Just "unsuspicious Jack" would not work here.
    "The unsuspicious Jack" suggests to me that Jack is by nature unsuspicious, whereas "an unsuspicious Jack" describes Jack's state of mind at that moment.
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