an untruthfully smooth narration

petite étoile

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England, English

how would you say this phrase in French?

my attempt:

"une belle narration sans beaucoup de vérité"

any help much appreciated

  • Kelly B

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    What does it mean in your context? is the story a pack of lies, or is it only the smoothness of it that is deceptive?

    petite étoile

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    England, English
    it's the narration that is untruthful! sorry, i should have given some more context!

    hope that helps


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    french France
    (Julian Barnes)

    Where does your love of France come from, Monsieur Barnes? Oh, I reply, both my parents taught French; I went to France with them on holiday; I read French at school and university; I taught for a year at a Catholic school in Rennes (where my gastronomic conservatism was unpicked); my favourite writer is Flaubert; many of my intellectual reference points are French; and so on. It does the job as an answer; but it's an untruthfully smooth narrative.

    Une description trompeusement simple/lisse
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