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hi all

what is the meaning of “the mistakes of the past are anaesthetized under the veil of consumerism”

It is a greater empathy for humanity, nature and cosmos that is so greatly needed in modern China. But that will require healing, and healing will not occur if the mistakes of the past are anaesthetized under the veil of consumerism and hedonism of Brave New China

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    The idea is "if the mistakes of the past are swept under the rug / are covered up / are papered over" etc. It's not a very well-chosen metaphor, in my opinion.


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    The "meaning" is that the writer decided to use ridiculously complicated words to say something fairly simple? I'm sort of kidding, but not really because that's a very over-written sentence. :)

    But to answer your actual question, what it's saying that consumerism and hedonism are being used to mask the mistakes of the past - to keep people from thinking about them.

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    On page 22 of the same text:
    "All pain and discomfort have been anaesthetised by the drug "soma", with the purpose of keeping the population enfeebled, compliant and "happy" in the name of social stability"

    In both cases, anaesthetized is being used incorrectly. If it's desirable to use this verb, people are anaesthetized against the mistakes of the past, and people are anaesthetized against all pain and discomfort.
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