anallergic, antibacterial, orthopedic

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  1. stellamy New Member

    Someone can tell me how to say:
    anallergic, antibacterial ,orthopedic
    in German?
    Thank you for your help,
  2. Arukami Senior Member

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    allergic = allergisch
    antibacterial = antibakteriell
    orthopaedic = orthopädisch
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  3. Sowka

    Sowka Senior Member

    German, Northern Germany
    Hello :)

    Anallergic is "anallergisch" or "nichtallergisch", according to the LEO dictionary.
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  4. Kajjo

    Kajjo Senior Member

    antibacterial = antibakteriell
    orthopaedic = orthopädisch

    Neither "anallergisch" nor "nicht allergisch" are common terms in German. "Nicht allergisch" is wrong anyway, because this term refers to a person who does not react with an allergy towards an certain substance, e.g. "Ich reagiere nicht allergisch auf Haselnüsse." or "Ich bin allergisch gegen Haselnüsse." Thus, this term has nothing to do with "anallergic" which refers to a substance that does not cause allergies in humans.

    Mostly, in German "hypoallergen" is used to describe a substance that is unlikely to cause allergies or which potential to cause allergies is very low. In most cases this is scientifically more reasonable anyway, because probability statements like "is unlikely" can be stated more clearly than a black-white statement like "is not".

    If you need to literally translate "anallergic" you might have to use "nicht allergen" or "anallergen", but be aware that both terms are not very commonly used.

    anallergenic (engl) = does not cause allergy
    hypoallergenic (engl) = not likely to cause allergy
  5. stellamy New Member

    Kajjo, thank you very much!! One more favour please, is it OK to say
    ein hypoallergen Bett? and how should it be conjugated? as a neutral genre word?
  6. Kajjo

    Kajjo Senior Member

    Das hypoallergene Bett. Ein hypoallergenes Bett.
    Die hypoallergene Bettwäsche. Mit hypoallergener Bettwäsche.

    However, the noun "Bett" is not idiomatic together with hypoallergenic. Idiomatically, we would say "hypoallergene Bettwäsche". Maybe just google this common combination to find examples for idiomatic usage.

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