1. aliagros Senior Member

    Bonn, Germany
    Spain/ Spanish
    Which one should I use?

    Analyze or analyse

  2. Louanna007

    Louanna007 Senior Member

    English United States
    analyse is more british than analyze, which is more american
  3. aliagros Senior Member

    Bonn, Germany
    Spain/ Spanish
    Ok, thank you!!
  4. chaves Senior Member

    san josé, costa rica
    costa rica, spanish
    según el american heritage dictionary

    analyse is a Chiefly British Variant of analyze
  5. thiefinni New Member

    Normally both '-ise' and '-ize' endings for verbs are allowed in UK English, while only '-ize' is found in the US.

    However, the root of the word 'analysis' is 'analys-' and so the only etymologically correct form of the verb is 'analyse' (see also 'televise'). This is the form used chiefly in Australia, Canada, the Carribean, India, Ireland, South Africa and the UK; 'analyze' can be seen as incorrect in these countries and as a solecistic American back-formation. On the other hand, English dictionaries normally reject notions of 'correctness' and 'incorrectness' in favour of usage and such is the influence of American English that 'analyze' can be found in the UK and elsewhere.

    English teachers around the world insist oon consistency, so the basic rule is: if you're using '-ize' for your verbs then use 'analyze'; if you use '-ise', then stick to 'analyse'.
  6. skyeman Senior Member

    The American spelling has got way more common in the last 30 years.

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