1. jakevich New Member

    United States English
    This means an anti-love? I ask in reference to Serge Gainsbourg's 'L'anamour.'
  2. Xiola Member

    Belgium - french speaking
    I think so. We have in french what we call the "a privatif" which comes from the latin, "privatif" meaning "without".
  3. madouc Member

    Anamour is a néologism.
    It means "l'absence d'amour": An-amour
  4. Fany

    Fany Senior Member

    In fact I am not sure that this word really exist in french, it is just a poetic invention of Gainsbourg.:)

    But I think that the traduction can be "anti-love" or "absence of love", this is the 'idea' behind this neologism.
  5. schascha Member

    je t'aime et je crains, de m'egarer.....

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