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    By "Jap" do you mean Japonese? Please include the full name of the language in which the text is written in both the title and the post itself. Also "Jap help" is not an appropriate title; the title should include a sample of the subject you are asking about. In this forum, titles should be structured: "Language: Text", so yours should be: "Japanese: Anata mo". Please review the World Reference rules if you have not already done so, and please review the Other Languages Forum rules as well. Also, here's a note on choosing titles for threads within this forum.



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    i´ll give you an example:
    Man says:Ai shiteru: i love you
    Woman answers: watashi mo (me too)
    or Watashi mo aishiteru ( i love you too)

    you can say watashi mo for everything you agree with...
    hope it helped