Anche libero va bene.


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Hello, although I "do" understand all the words I have problems to translate that film title literally. Maybe libero is an adverb in that sentence? It is all right also (living) freely.
  • aramesh

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    If I'm not wrong, in that film Libero is the name of the main character. It's a "play on words".

    Also Libero (free) is fine!


    La svedese

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    Libero in the film title is used in its natural double meaning, and it can't be translated literally into English without losing its elegance. Anche libero va bene is a line from the film, spoken by Tommi to his father. T doesn't want to be a libero in the football team, but he prefers it rathen than not being allowed to play at all. This is a very good film!