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España; español/¿inglés?
Hi, you all!
I'd like to know your opinions about something. How do you translate "ancient days"? It isn't in the context of a phrase. It's just the title of a specific part of a ancient greek coins exhibition. I'd translate as "Dias Antiguos" o "de la Antigüedad" but both of them sounds to me a little bit old fashioned.
I'd appreciate any ideas about it and about my mistakes in this text, as well.
Sorry, but my English is almost as "ancient" as coins.
Thanks a lot.
  • Mollymawk

    España; español/¿inglés?
    Thank you for your fast answer. I give you an idea about the context.
    "Exhibition Hall 1: Ancient Days"
    "Sala 1 : ¿Días Antiguos?"
    Here is my doubt.


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    Prefiero "Días de la Antigüedad". Ancient Days está sacado de un poema de William Blake And did those feet in ancient days Walk upon England´s mountains green?
    Es la letra de un himno muy conocido ,Jerusalem.


    España; español/¿inglés?
    Yes, you're right. I think "Días de la Antigüedad" is and sounds better.
    Thanks a lot. :)
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