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Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by Elwintee, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Elwintee Senior Member

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    England English
    I believe the word for 'cat' in Ancient Egyptian is something like 'miaou'. Could some expert confirm the correct spelling in English transliteration? Many thanks.
  2. amikama

    amikama sordomodo

    According to Wikipedia:
  3. Elwintee Senior Member

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    England English
    Thank you very much, Amikama. I never thought of Wikipedia!
  4. ancalimon Senior Member

    It's perfectly clear that the word miaou is an onomatopoic word. In Turkish, for example the sound a cat makes is "miyav"
  5. entangledbank

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    The conventional transliteration mw could cover various actual pronunciations, from [mu] to [mawa]. I think if there was an or [j] in there, however, it would be represented by another Egyptian letter.

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