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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if you knew any resources available on the internet that provide information about the Greek -mi verbs (like didomi and tithemi). I'm looking for info about their evolution from PIE to Mycenaean, as well as in Homer.


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    If you have a good ancient greek vocabulary,you can find there the answers you re searching.Usually at the end ofmore complex verbs there is a note that give you more informations on the verb.For example on δίδωμι i found this:
    "Note:These forms come from δίδωμι or from a root in -oo (δίδooμι ?) .Doric Present: etc etc .Doric Future :etc etc. Mycenean Present : etc etc .Mycenean Future :etc etc. ",even if in my vocabulary the mycenean forms are grouped under the names Crete and Cyprus.

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