Ancient Greek - "I will burn my Belial's meat"


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I've been wanting to get a tattoo in ancient Greek for a while. I translated the sentence I wanted to get tattooed myself, and even though I think I made no mistakes while doing so, I'm not sure about it because my level in ancient Greek is quite low.

The sentence is εμήν τού βελίαρ σάρκα καύσω, which I expect to mean "I will burn my Belial's meat", as in wanting to burn the part of myself that belongs to Belial. In Spanish, in case this helps, it would be something like "Quemaré mi carne de Belial". Is it correct or is the meaning clear? Should I make any changes? Are there any mistakes? Any opinion or advice is welcome!

I created my account just to ask this question, because I didn't know where else to do it or whom should I ask. My mother tongue is actually Spanish, but I decided to ask in English because I thought more people would read it. Thanks in advance and sorry for any English mistakes!
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