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    I'm starting to learn greek. In this point I want to learn to pronunce the greek words, but I hava a problem. There are some letters that in the past were pronunced diferent. Like the letters Eta and Theta. I want to know how do I shoud pronunced right. Like the ancient pronunciation or like the actual.

    I don't even know english very well: sorry for the grammar errors.

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    The modern pronuncation is 'ita' and 'θita'.
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    Hello Nicodimo :)

    You are asking how to pronounce them for ancient Greek or for modern Greek?
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    Mod note: Please remember this rule (which is specific for the Greek forum only):

    "It should be noted that ancient and modern Greek differ in pronunciation. There are many sites (as well as books and articles) dedicated to both the different theories about the reconstructed pronunciation of ancient Greek, and the arguments about which pronunciation should be used. Due to the controversial nature of the subject, we ask you not to open threads on the subject unless you have already conducted your own research and want to discuss a particular doubt you may have.
    The same rules do not apply for the Modern Greek pronunciation since there's no controversy surrounding it."

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