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I'm looking for a term used in archaeology for second hand material such as stones or reliefs of a temple..

For example, a temple dating to the Hellenistic period was destroyed in Roman period and the stones of that same temple was used to construct another building.

I can think of things like "reused" or "second hand", but somehow I think there might be a more formal word, a term.

Thank you.
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    One option:

    "during the Roman Period . . . the stones salvaged from the same structure were used . . . '

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    I think "reclaimed" is the best word. This is a standard term, certainly in the UK, for materials taken from demolished buildings and re-used. This business is often called "architectural reclamation".


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    You might use "scavenged from X site or from Y ruins," but this might be too colorful or suggestive for some situations. You might even say "quarried from the ruins of Z," but that's playing a bit false and loose with the definitions; I just know that I've seen "quarried" in this context and was not disturbed by the stretching of the definition.