And 12-stepped me to the altar


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Somebody is talking about his story. He did some killings in his country and went away.
And he says,
"And woke up somewhere, I don't know where. Fucking in a bottle.
And that's where Anna Marie came in and lifted me up.
Stupidly loved me and 12-stepped me to the altar."

Seems Anna Marie married him, but what's this form "12-stepped me".
Are there 12 steps to the altar? Movie "The Prince".

Thank you
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    Hi chopin

    It's a reference to a twelve-step recovery program(me) - probably, given the mention of "a bottle", that of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    From the Wiki article Twelve-step program:
    A twelve-step program is a set of guiding principles (accepted by members as 'spiritual principles,' based on the approved literature) outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems. Originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as a method of recovery from alcoholism,[1] the Twelve Steps were first published in the 1939 book Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism.[2] The method was adapted and became the foundation of other twelve-step programs.


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    I haven't seen the movie, but I think this is a reference to 12-step programs for recovery from addiction. The first such program was that of Alcoholics Anonymous. That's probably what this refers to, since he says "in a bottle" - that is, he drank too much. There are other 12-step programs for other addictions today.

    The entire phrase seems to mean that she got him into a 12-step program such as this and eventually married him.

    Does that fit the rest of the context in the movie?

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    I have not seen this movie, but my guess, based on the above context, is that
    Anna Marie helped him "recover" from his murdering and drinking ways.
    I believe "12-stepped me" is a reference to the various twelve-step programs.
    (Description of twelve-step programs, Source: Wikipedia)

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