and almost as much so

Both Sarrians(name of alien) were perfectly aware that with the door(the door of a probe which has land the surface of Earth) open a beam of light (experiment conducted by the alien will send light)must be stabbing out into the dark­ness(it's night). Both had ceased to worry about the fact; it had been equally true, though perhaps the radiance was fainter, with the blazing sodium (the sample of the alien's experiment)and almost as much so when the sheer heat of the samples of iron and gold had been exposed. --From Hal Clement’s Iceworld
I don't know what the 'it' refer to. And what does the 'and almost as much so' means? Can anybody restore the last sentece to a complete and clear one? many thanks.
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    I'm guessing 'it' refers to their cover being blown already, as it were, by their previous experiments on the sodium and to a lesser extent gold and iron samples. The light beam from the door however is the most conspicuous sign of their presence. Hope this helps :)


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    I would say that the "it" here refers to "that there was light stabbing out into the darkness."

    The blazing sodium had also produced light and so had the gold and iron samples, though not to quite the same degree ("almost as much so").
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