(...)and anyone who doesn't like it can get on with it.

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Eccentrics have thrown off the constraints of normal life to let themselves do exactly as they please - and anyone who doesn't like it can get on with it. (This is a sentence from my exercises)

What is the meaning of the phrase in bold? "get on with" surely means "continue", and the phrase "get on with it!" = "hurry up!". Yet, neither of these meanings seem to fit in the sentence provided, in my opinion. Thanks :)
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    I imagine it means "can keep living their lives and not bother with (ignore) the person," although I've never heard it and, now that I have, would never use it.


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    It's a colloquial, almost slang expression which means something like 'accept the reality of the situation and stop complaining about it'. :)


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    The meaning is "...and if anybody doesn't like it, tough/too bad.", "if anybody doesn't like it, that's their problem." More vulgar: "..., they know what they can do.", euphemism undertood as :warning: "they can go shit in their hat" & other expressions which some (many?) would find offensive.
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