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Does "cluster" here refer to "a group of people"?

Thanks in advance
“Heroes” and “Villains” of World History across Cultures
Emergent properties of global political culture were examined using data from the World History Survey (WHS) involving 6,902 university students in 37 countries evaluating 40 figures from world history. Multidimensional scaling and factor analysis techniques found only limited forms of universality in evaluations across Western, Catholic/Orthodox, Muslim, and Asian country clusters. The highest consensus across cultures involved scientific innovators, with Einstein having the most positive evaluation overall.

-Chris G. Sibley et al.
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    A cluster is a group of anything, when considering them as a unity. Here, I think Sibley means:

    ...evaluations across such clusters as "Western countries", "Catholic/Orthodox countries", "Muslim countries", and "Asian countries".
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