And by 'fresh fish', I mean...

Hi,everyone, I'm studying for FCE. I would like that you help me to translate this little fragment of text and translate me several key phrases that seem difficult for me yet.
Like these: And by 'fresh fish' . And then from 'My father would march' to the end.
Thanks first of all.

I've always loved fish. I was fortunate to be born near the sea and brought up in a home where we regularly ate fresh fish of all kinds. And by 'fresh fish', I mean really fresh - literally hours from the catch being landed and sorted. My father would march in with a box of whatever had caught his eye - mussels, skate wings, cod, herring, plaice, mackerel and so on. I can still smell them now.
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    Y con el término "pescado fresco" quiero decir ...
    My father would march in with... Mi padre llegaría cargado de ..., Mi padre irrumpiría en casa con ..
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