and by punished I mean had


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Hi there!

I was reading Gone Girl (great read by the way) and there is something that I do not get to translate or make sense of.

When he finds clue number 2 for the treasure hunt, the clue goes:
Picture me I'm a girl who is verybad
I need to be punished, and by punished, I mean had

How does that 'had' translate? I cannot see the meaning of it.

  • Angeleta!

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    It would actually Masood!
    What is the sexual meaning here? Is just 'had' as in 'had sex with'?


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    si, significa exactamente eso, necesito ser castigada y por castigada me refiero a ser poseida...por cierto, vi la pelicula el viernes y apenas lei tu pregunta supe que te referías a esta (o al libro en tu caso) ;););)......
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