and going out with a resolution to meet brother

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Hi folks, it is coming from Colonel Jack by Defoe
so my question is here:
what has this sentence with starting “and going out.." to do with dreams,
it does not support the first one. When I read the first part of the sentence
I expect such a thing like that.

I laid no stress upon the thing called a dream, neither till now did I
understand that dreams were of any importance; but getting up the next
day, and going out with a resolution to meet brother Will, who should
I meet but my former brother, Captain Jacque. When he saw me, he came
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    "I didn't think the dream was important. It wasn't until recently that I understood that dreams could be important. But when I got up the next morning and went out to look for Will, to my surprise I met Captain Jacque."

    Was the dream about meeting the captain?

    (NB: That's not a sentence you're asking about -- it's only part of one.)


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    That is one which confuses me too,
    he was not dreaming about meeting with the captain
    but he was dreaming of two constables raiding his lodging and accusing him etc.
    And in real life the Captain with who Jack met told "his instructor has been taken to the Newgate prison"
    Maybe Defoe meant this.
    Thanks a lot.
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