And here <I thought…> vs. And there <was I thinking…>


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Hello. Could you please tell me if there is any difference between the introductory clauses "and here" and "and there"? Is inversion mandatory after "and there" while after "and here" the word order is standard? Or can we say "And there I thought" and "And here was I thinking"? Thank you.

…and there was I stupidly thinking Ireland was green! (
And there was I thinking a person replied..... (And there was I thinking a person replied..... - Genealogy Chat - Boards - Genes Reunited)
‘Our country has no management’ — and here I thought that was good (

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    I see no reason for a difference between the two.
    And there I was... And there was I...
    and here I was... And here was I...


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    I agree with Blueglaze, except that it should read "between the four".

    In other words, whether you say "here" or "there" is neither here nor there. :) (Sorry, that's an idiom, it means it doesn't matter)

    And the inversion "I was" -> "was I" is entirely optional.
    I wouldn't wholeheartedly endorse it, but people sometimes change I to me in the inverted version: "there was me thinking...", but you can't say "there me was..."


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    I would use "...and there was me thinking..." in this kind of informal usage. This kind of remark often sounds self-mocking, and the informality of "me" sounds better, I think.

    Yes, and it was so embarrassing... because there was me thinking that "Free Shop" meant I could take whatever I wanted without paying for it. I mean, how was I supposed to know?"


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    Thank you. So there is no difference at all except for the one arising from grammatical tense (Simple Past "I thought" and Past Progressive "I was thinking"), right?
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