and his free-thinking priest (a marvelous William H. Macy).


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When not having sex, Mark is usually either thinking about sex, writing poems about sex, or having no-holds-barred discussions about sex with his unflappable caregiver (Moon Bloodgood) and his free-thinking priest (a marvelous William H. Macy).
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Dear Veterans,

Cutting to the chase, here is my question regarding the article in purple.
What could have been the grounds for using the indefinite article "a" instead of "the" in the above context?
Is this because (just my conjecture) there are many versions of Mr. Macy in terms of the quality of his performance that in that particular movie, he was marvelous compared to other characters he played in other movies that weren't as good as this one, performance wise?

How would the nuance change if used "the"?

Thanks for your attention.
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    I completely agree with Language Guy (post #2). I just want to add that there is no comparison to Macy's performances in other roles in other movies; he is marvelous in this one and may or may not have been marvelous in others.
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