and I hardly know whether I have repeated

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Hi folks, this is cited from Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849)
Q: Does Melville mean that if he wrote down this many years later?

I asked Harry all about his intentions. He said, that go to London he must, and to Bury St. Edmunds; but that whether he should for any time remain at either place, he could not now tell; and it was by no means impossible, that in less than a week's time we would be back again in Liverpool, and ready for sea. But all he said was enveloped in a mystery that I did not much like; and I hardly know whether I have repeated correctly what he said at the time.
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    He’s speaking as the narrator, the person telling the story, and admitting that he’s not 100% sure that he fully understood — or has accurately reported — what Harry meant, since he was speaking in a mysterious way.
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