And if it's a coin toss...

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It's the movie "Gifted".
So, there's this process about a little girl, to decide who is she going to stay with, her grandmother or her uncle.
The lawyer of the uncle says to him that the other part wants to cut a deal.
After explaining the deal to him, a foster home for the girl till she is 12 years old,
the lawyer suggests that the uncle should take it, because if they leave it up to the judge...
I am citing the lawyer now:
"But if we leave this up to that judge, Nichols...he's old school, Frank."
He goes on saying that the judge likes the income of the grandmother, her health plan, her home so...I am citing him again,
"I've been in his courtroom a hundred times.
And if it's a coin toss...that old boy is going to side with the money."

I have a bit of a problem with "coin toss" here.
He is using it as a metaphor, yes?

Thank you
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    That was one of the most ridiculous scenarios in what was a completely ridiculous movie. I think it is futile to try to ascribe meaning to it.

    Normally 'a coin toss' is a quick and arbitrary decision between two things that cannot otherwise be judged against each other.

    So, yes it's a metaphor.


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    Yes. He's saying that if they leave the decision to the judge, whether to give custody to the uncle or the grandmother, they will have no more control over it than over a coin toss, and the judge is likely to choose the grandmother.

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